EDTC300, Learning Project

Clay Creations

Last week I put up a poll for people to vote on what piece of jewellery to do next. I have to apologize, my top voted option was a wire ring, but honestly…I just wasn’t feeling it this week. For some reason, I had the desire to try making clay beads. I don’t know if I just got sick of working with wire for a little bit or what, but I decided to switch it up. So sorry everyone that voted for the ring…maybe I will feel up to it next week..🤷🏼‍♀️

For making clay beads, I decided to just use the materials that I had and try it out with Air Dry Clay from Walmart. I wasn’t even sure where to begin, but I knew I wanted to use a variety of different sources again for this project! I started with a YouTube video that really just showed the basics of clay beads. I learnt how to roll the clay and make a hole in it. The video also had some examples of stamping things into the clay which is something I didn’t experiment with this time, but might in the future!

Using Resources

Next, I watched a more detailed video that had some tips and tricks for better beads. Two of my favourite tips were covering larger pieces of jewellery with Mod Podge to give it a different finish, and sanding the clay after it dries. I found this to be super helpful to get ride of some imperfections and improve the look of the beads.

Another video I watched had a painting tip that was literally genius. Instead of holding the beads to dry, or setting them down, it suggested putting them on a toothpick and sticking them in Styrofoam. Genius! I was super happy that I saw this tip before painting them. Otherwise I definitely would have just help on to them for a solid 15 minutes 😂

For painting inspiration, I decided to look at the wonderful world of Pinterest again. Here are some photos I found for inspiration:

I was well inspired and excited to start painting some beads! I decided to use acrylic paint as well as some nail polish so I could try out some different paints. I used some paint brushes as well as some toothpicks for finer details.


Also, after hearing Katia Hildebrandt talk about Skitch, I wanted to try it out! I decided to download it and just try simply writing on top of photos to start to get the hang of it.

To begin, I rolled some small pieces of clay into little balls. You can’t see it in the picture, but I did poke holes in it before letting them dry. This is super important because they would definitely fail if you forgot that step.

After the beads were dry, I sanded them down a little to make them more smooth. Then, I put the beads on wooden skewers to paint and dry them. This process ended up getting a little chaotic, but I was super thankful for the tip of letting them dry on a stick.

Once I was happy with some of the beads I painted, I choose a few to put together onto a keychain. Unfortunately, I didn’t make some of my holes big enough so I couldn’t fit the string through them. Note for next time: make all the bead’s holes bigger.

Then, I used some crafting string to make a little tassel based on a picture I saw on Pinterest.

Overall, I think the final result is kind of cute. They didn’t turn out absolutely amazing, but I am happy with them for a first try!

Review of Skitch:

I could defiantly see how this could be helpful in the classroom. For this project, it was nice to get use to the features that Skitch has, but it wasn’t the most mind-blowing tool. However, I think in the classroom it would be helpful to use it as a way to show students what to do, blur out certain things, or as a way for students to present their ideas. The one negative is that I could got a notice that my free account couldn’t allow an image to sync. But, I was still able to save that image so I am not positive as to what it was talking about…

Overall, I don’t think Skitch will become one of my life-saving apps, but I can see possibly using it in the future. Thanks for stopping in to this week’s Learning Project post!!

EDTC300, Learning Project

Picking Out PicVoice

This week’s challenge: use a new technology tool to demonstrate this week’s learning project. I have a tendency to get over excited about things and want to try everything. However, following the advice of Amanada Brace, I can not use everything. So I knew I needed to choose one and stick with it.

“The first App I tried to download is called Fotobabble 5. It was the one that was on Katia’s list that she provided. Unfortunately, I needed an IOS update and I do not have enough storage on my phone so I had to do some research and find another App that was the same, but could put up with my non-updated phone.”

Making the Flowers: A Process

First I used a source on Pinterest to try and make wires flowers. It looked easy enough – I just had to use wire to make the basic shape and then paint over the petals. Unfortunately, this was not as easy as it looked! I ended up with a very ugly looking wire that was blobby. The polish did not stretch across at all!

“This was my first try. It did not go very well. The nail polish didn’t really spread all over the wire and it kind of ended up just looking like a mess. So, I decided I needed to find a different resource to help me out because the first one was not working.

After source #1 did not work, I continued looking for a different strategy. Next, I found a BuzzFeed Nifty video that showed a different strategy. This one had a way to make the paint go all the way across!

” The next resource I looked at said to dip it into wood glue but I didn’t own any of that so I decided to dip it in white glue and then I set that aside and let it dry.”

“After the glue dried I took out some nail polish and then painted on top of the glue. This actually worked super well and the colour stayed bright and it dried right away and I was really impressed with the final result.”

“This is the final look for my flower crown. So, I took some wire and then measured it out on my head and then twisted it in a circle. And then as soon as all of my flowers dried I twisted them all on there and then added a few little painted leaves as well to make it cuter.”

The Final Look

“Once the crown was completed, then I got my roommate to try it on so I could take this picture. And overall I am happy with how it turned out. I think it’s really cute. (Um) I don’t think I would actually wear something that looks like this but maybe I would make something that looks like this for my nieces to wear because I think they would think it’s really cute.”

Evaluating PicVoice

As far as PicVoice goes, I think it is a fun idea, but using it for a blog was a little challenging. When I tried to embed my PicVoice, it did not work. So instead I had to upload all of my files to Youtube. This was okay and not too much of a hassle, but I would not want to do it often.

Classroom Application: In saying that, I could see myself using this App in the classroom. I think it would be good for a student to use, especially with online learning. There are so many possibilities for learning activities with this App. For example, students could take a photo of something and describe it (i.e., If you are working on senses in lower elementary, a student could take a photo of something they ate, and then have to use words to describe what it tasted like). To use it in a middle years classroom, you may have students take a photo and demonstrate vocabulary or adjective use. In high school, students may use it to take symbolic pictures of deeper concepts and use their voice to explain their reasoning.

Overall, I don’t think that PicVoice will become one of my key technologies that I rely on. However, I can definitely see using it at some point in my future classroom.


Retweets, Tweets, Likes, and More

Skeptical Beginnings

I will begin by saying that in high school I thought Twitter was out of date and not used by a lot of people. I tried to get into it a few times, but it never captured my interest. I far preferred Instagram or Snapchat.

In my first year of University, almost all of my professors told me about the wonderful world of Twitter and how as a teacher candidate, I needed to get Twitter. Once again, I attempted to get into it, and fell flat again. I didn’t understand who to follow, what to look for, or what to tweet. After trying it out for a few months in first year, I decided to give up on it and accept that that was one social media platform that was not meant for me.

My scepticism has carried from first year until the beginning of this semester. I knew that in EDTC 300 you had to get Twitter and use it a lot. I was not looking forward to this, but I thought it was worth it to give it a try.

As you can see, my follower base is still in its beginning stages. I am hoping that as this course continues, I will be able to broaden my PLN (Personal Learning Network).

Since learning more about Twitter, I have come to appreciate it so much. I have learnt how to tweet and retweet (and why), how to use hashtags, and what a ‘chat’ is. I have enjoyed using my RSS reader Feedly (see last week’s blog about how much I love it). I have continued to use Feedly to look at education articles and to find resources to share.

I think the most influential thing that I have learnt from Twitter is the ability to find resources relating to education. I have felt more connected to the wider world of educators in Saskatchewan, Canada, and the world as a whole. It has been encouraging to see the advancements in Indigenous and Inclusive education, and to learn more about technology and teaching. I have found countless resources that have added to my ‘teacher toolbox’ and have read various perspectives to contribute to my roundedness of teaching. The main way that I see myself using Twitter in the future is by finding articles and connecting with other educators around the world.


This past week, our EDTC 300 class had the opportunity to experience #SaskEdChat for the first time. This experience was so fun and encouraging. I loved interacting with Saskatchewan educators, giving my opinion, and reading other’s perspectives. I had no idea that such a thing existed, and I am excited to participate in it again. I also found so many people to follow in the education world. I think this is a practical professional development experience because you get to learn about some aspect of the teaching career. I also appreciate that there are different focuses for different nights. I think that this helps participants stay focused and learn about a particular topic.


Overall, I have seen the many benefits of Twitter over the past month. I am excited to continue learning more about how to develop my PLN with Twitter. Thus far, I am aiming to interact 4-5 times on Twitter per day. This includes tweeting, retweeting, liking, and commenting. I hope to keep my interaction this consistent throughout the whole semester and more.

EDTC300, Learning Project

Twists and Turns

Well, it’s another week and I learnt something new. Jewellery making can cause me to get very frustrated! Now don’t get me wrong, I still had a good time, but things were not as smooth sailing for me as they were last week.

For those of you that are dropping by for the first time, I chose my Learning Project to focus on jewellery making. I am specifically focusing on hair pins because I am getting married May 1st, and want to make my bridesmaids their own accessories.

The photo on the left shows the two different hair pins I made last week.

This week, I decided to stick with hair pins, but attempt to add a little flower made of beads to it as well.

Resources Used

This week I attempted to use some videos from TikTok and pictures from Pinterest to inspire me. I wanted to make some cute little flowers to put on some of my hair pins. There are a few different kinds of flowers you can make (see below).

All Photos from https://crystalsandclay.com/blogs/beading-tutorial/beaded-flower

I decided on a template based on this TikTok. Her tutorial seemed simple enough, so I decided to give it a try.


– Fun to watch
– We get to see the template, process, and final product
– She shows the material that she uses
– She uses verbal and visual instruction
– You can also use this flower to make a ring

– Difficult to follow at times
– Some details were left out of the tutorial that I think would have been helpful
– My product turned out very different than hers.

Overall, I think this was a good resource because I learnt more about a different kind of wiring. I hadn’t tried putting the wire back inside beads twice, and this opened up many different techniques I got to try out as well.


I had many attempts at making that cute flower (see below). And they did not turn out near as cute as hers did! I tried using bigger beads, more beads, less beads, and different kinds of wire, but there were all a little off. You can see my progression below.

I decided that I liked the one on the far left the best to try and put into a hair pin.

After using the tips and tricks that I learnt from my Pinterest jewellery board (see last week’s blog to learn more), I created another hair pin, this time incorporating the mini flower.

The Result

Overall, I like this pin less than the one that I made last week. But, on the bright side, I learnt the new technique of putting the wire back inside the same bead twice. This was fun to experiment with and I am thankful for TikTok teaching me something!

Thanks to Paige’s suggestion, I decided to include a photo of what this week’s pin looks like in my hair. A cool thing about hair pins is that there are so many different ways you can wear them! So far, my favourite look is when they are beside a bun.

Notice the small bead flower in the bottom right corner near the bun.

Next Week’s Plan

I am excited to keep learning and hopefully have more success next week! I am planning on doing hair pins for another week or two, and then I will try moving on to different kinds of jewellery!


Getting Familiar with Feedly

With this week’s assignment to try out an RSS reader, I made a Feedly account and got crackin’. First, I downloaded the Feedly App on my phone and created an Edtech Feed from there. After that, I wanted to explore more on my laptop. After exploring for the past few days, I can not believe that I have gone so long without an RSS reader! If I could summarize my findings it would be: What a game-changer!!

Let me break down my process and how it led me to that conclusion…

Choosing what Sources to Follow

I can not even begin to explain just how many sources there are that you can follow. At first, I did have some trouble trying to find a lot of people to add to my feed. I found that for many of the words I was looking up on Feedly, nothing was coming up (refer to my screen shot).

After I found that many of my key words were not panning out the way I wanted them to, I decided to use the one and only Google to help a sister out. As you can see from my 126,000,000 Google results, I had found a helpful tool to add to my Feedly feeds. After spending time searching through many blogs, podcasts, and research articles, I had acquired a hefty amount of sources to add to my Feedly account. It was time for me to decide on what my feed titles would be. What do I care the most about?

My Chosen Topics

After much thought, I decided that my 3 topics for my feeds would be:

  1. Edtech
  2. Classroom Culture
  3. World Teaching

I chose Edtech because of my newfound interest due to EDTC300. There are so many ways to use technology not only in the classroom, but also in my professional development!

Classroom Culture is a term for me that contains so many different important aspects. I believe that our classrooms should reflect what we want the world to look like. Students should know they are accepted, feel safe to learn and explore, and have fun. I want my classroom culture to surround care and intentionally help students grow.

Lastly, I chose World Teaching as my final feed topic. Out of cautiousness of becoming ethnocentric, I want to learn about the current standing of education all over the world. What strategies are working for other countries that Canada hasn’t tried yet? Teaching is always growing and changing, and I want to make sure I don’t get stuck in one ideology.

My Top Blog

One of the best blogs that I have come across so far is Organized Classroom. She has various online PD opportunities, resources for free and for purchase, and awesome blogs. I loveeeee organization, and with the world of teaching being so busy, I have found the need to be more and more organized.

I have read several of her blogs and she has some great advice about decluttering your teacher life as well as advice on teaching strategies, lesson plans, and creative learning activities.

Her website is helpful for me because as a teacher candidate, I am constantly looking for tips and strategies to add to my ‘Tool kit’. The practicality of her blogs and descriptive application makes her website extremely appealing. It is also helpful for me to see her blog layout as I try and develop my blogging skills.

One one my favourite blogs of her’s that I have read is all about cooperative learning groups. This blog can be read here. Group work and cooperative education is extremely important to me, and I always love hearing about different implementation strategies!

My Feedly

This is what my Feedly looks like so far. I am happy with the amount of sources that I have found to follow, but I think that as time goes on I will want to follow more and more accounts. Right now, as I am getting the hang of it, this is a good amount of resources to work with. But, I have noticed that already I am looking through almost all of the articles and still wanting to have more to view.

Overall, I am so happy with this RSS reader. It has made posting on Twitter so easy and I am excited to keep using it!

EDTC300, Learning Project

Exciting Introductions

I wanted to start my project off by diving right into wire hair pins. I had the supplies and it was time to start learning!

The Goal

My goal for this week was to learn more about jewellery wire and set myself up for success throughout this project by building up my Pinterest board. I wanted to make my first hair pin and follow the instruction from a jewellery maker.

In the coming weeks, I am hoping to increase my skills so that I can end up making beautiful hair pins that will look good enough that my bridesmaids can wear them on their wedding day!

The Result

Week 1: Making Wire Hair Pins

This week I made two different hair pins. The pin on the left is the pin that I made from watching AnnLace. In all honesty, I was kind of disappointed with the result of her video. I will discuss that more below, but the important part is that I decided to get a bit more creative for my second pin.

For the pin on the right, I used photos from Pinterest to inspire me, as well as different wire jewellery techniques that I had found on the App as well. Overall, I am much happier with my second pin. I think this causes me to have the main take-away this week that sometimes it is better to use a variety of different sources to learn something instead of just replying on one person/site!

Resources Used This Week

My main resource that I had planned on using this week was a video from AnnLace. Her video was an introduction to wire twisting. There were some helpful tips in her video, but overall I don’t think the positives outweigh the negatives.

+ Easy to follow
+ She has her own website that has many different resources
+ She posts where she got all her materials from
+ I learnt the basics of wire twisting
– End result wasn’t complete. It looks like this video is one section of a larger hair comb, but she didn’t mention that anywhere.
– She did not demonstrate how to attach the wire to any hair pin or comb
– I wasn’t thrilled with the result
Analysis of first YouTube video used.

After the video, I decided to look to the beautiful world of Pinterest to help me with my skills. I could (and do) spend hours on Pinterest, so I am thankful for this valid excuse to spend so much time on it. Pinterest has already been a useful resource for developing my skill. Some of the most beneficial things that Pinterest has taught me thus far:

My inspiration for my second hair pin was based on a photo that I saw on Pinterest. I used the skills from the Annlace video, as well as the skills from Pinterest that I mentioned above. I turned on some chill music, and worked with the materials I have to get creative. It took some time and a lot of patience, but overall am so happy with the final product from this week!

You can see a photo below of me comparing my recreation of the pin that I first saw on Pinterest.

Next Week’s Plan

For next week, I am going to continue learning more about wire hair pin jewellery and expand my skills. I also plan on using a variety of different sources because as you saw, I did much better when I had a range of advice to work from! I am excited for another week of learning 😁

EDTC300, Learning Project

Starting a Jewellery Journey

I love the idea of making your own jewellery. Over the years, I have acquired various kinds of jewellery making material. Unfortunately, my dreams seem to be bigger than my motivation to actually develop this skill. My baseline right now is pretty low. I don’t have any solid skill or ability to create something that looks pretty. I am excited for this opportunity to push myself to learn more about how to make a various kinds of jewellery!

My main reason for choosing jewellery for this project is because I am getting married on May 1st this year. I love the look of hair pins, but as I looked into buying all of my bridesmaids one or two, the pricing was ridiculous (averaging $25-$70 per pin). I have been thinking about trying to make the hair pins myself, and I am excited to take on the challenge! An example of a hair pin is to the left. I am hoping to be able to make all needed hair accessories for my wonderful bridesmaids!

Although making hair pins is where my inspiration first came from, I also plan on learning more about using clay in jewellery making as well as stamping jewellery. I already had the supplies for that type of crafting, so I am excited to actually learn how to put my materials to good use!

Needed Supplies

  • Jewellery Stamping supplies
  • Modelling Clay
  • Beads
  • Craft wire/string
  • Hair pins
  • Jewellery pliers
  • Crafting glue

My Plan

With my supplies ready, I am excited to start learning! my plan for the next semester will be to watch different YouTube videos, read Jewellery blogs, and use Pinterest for inspiration! I will document my progress with my weekly blog posts. This will include any resources that I used that week as well as what I accomplished creating!

I will start with the hair pins as I want to make sure that I master those before anything else. The first Jewellery blogger that I will learn about hair pins will be AnnaLace. She has awesome tutorial videos and tons of helpful tips, specifically for creating wedding-style hair pins.

I am excited to start this project and hopefully save money on wedding accessories while doing it! 🙌


Introducing: A New World

Photo by Elvis on Pexels.com

Welcome to my first blog post! My name is Trista Kennett and I am in my fourth and final year of my education degree. I am excited to finish my degree this year and enter the beautiful and challenging world of teaching! As far as my experiences with educational technology, I would say that I am lacking in both competence and confidence. Although my parents have been blown away by my ability to post videos to Youtube, I can not say that I have ventured far beyond my safety net of common technology resources. When I first heard that I would have to be active on Twitter in this class, I debated dropping it. The constant task of keeping up with the online world, having a bit of fear due to The Social Dilemma (if you haven’t watched this documentary yet, please do!), and feeling like I don’t have the time to be online has restricted me from learning more about educational technology. I do love technology and Social Media, but admittedly, I never saw myself as someone who would have a blog. I am interested in figuring out what it means to be a professional and blog.

Rocky Beginnings

Making this blog post was about 70 times more difficult than I thought it would be. Here are some of the raw thoughts that I have been having as I uncover this new online tool:

  • What is a ‘category’? Why is that different than a ‘tag’? How do I make those again??
  • How many ‘blocks’ do I have to make?
  • Shoot, I forgot to hit ‘Publish’.
  • What did @AmandaBrace say about embedding again??
  • Ugh, this is frustrating.
  • Okay, deep breath. Try again. Don’t get mad at a computer.
  • Yay, finally! It makes sense!…Mostly.

Despite the frustrations, once I started to understand more about blogs and how to use WordPress, I had a newfound excitement! I am excited to learn more about technology and it’s place in my professional life. I have spent time discovering more about WordPress and the endless possibilities of blogging. I feel motivated and ready for this semester of #EDTC300!

Feel free to join me as I venture to learn more about ePorfolios, Twitter, having a learning project, and all around learning more about the world of EDTC. I am sure that it will be a fun, interesting, and challenging journey!